List of Works

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Larger Works for Choir

Convivencia, a multi-movement work for choir and string quartet. Settings of ancient love lyrics in Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic. Premiered by Voces Novae of Bloomington, Indiana, October, 2006. performances in Grinnell, September 2007; Brooklyn, NY, March 2008, and Albany, NY, March 2008.

  1. Surge amica mea
  2. Adiuro vos
  3. Vox dilecti
  4. Uri Tsafon (published by earthsongs in piano/violin arr.)
  5. Amid the Scent of Absinthe and Moringa (premiered by the Princeton Singers 2002. Winner 2004 Nuvovox Choral Award)
  6. Grief was Between Us

Utopia, a 20-minute work for Choir and Orchestra with text by Wislawa Szymborska. Premiered by the Prague Radio Orchestra and the Grinnell Singers 2000.

Works for Mixed Choir

Amara (2014) for choir with optional jazz saxophone. Published by Walton Music 2017.  Premiered by Roomful of Teeth, April, 2014. Video RecordingMissouri State University Chorale.  York University Chorale         Norfolk Choral Festival

And Glory Shone Around premiered by the Marsh Chapel Choir, Boston University, December, 2013.

Body My House, poem by May Swenson, for unaccompanied Choir

Calm on the Listening Ear of Night for choir and guitar.  Winner of the 2006 Welcome Christmas carol contest sponsored by VocalEssence, premiered by VocalEssence, and recorded on their Behold this Heavenly Night CD.  YouTube version

Earth’s Remotest Bound for SATB choir (commissioned and premiered by the Rose Ensemble)

Garden Among the Flames (2009) for SATB choir and harp; commissioned and premiered by the Rose Ensemble

I Look For You Early, for choir, saxophone, and organ; Oxford University Press, 2003.

Job’s Lament for vielle, hurdy-gurdy, and mixed choir (commissioned and premiered by the Rose Ensemble) text from Job, in Hebrew.  (Alternative title “Man that is Born of a Woman”)

Psalm 22, For unaccompanied choir 1982.

Root of All Things for SSAATTBB choir (2008). text by Hildegard von Bingen

Set Me As a Seal for SATB choir with divisi. Roger Dean Publishing 2009. Commissioned by the Iowa Choral Conductors Association, premiered by Magnum Chorum.

The Twenty-Third Psalm for Choir and Organ.  Commissioned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Brooklyn, New York, October, 2006.  Text in Hebrew and English.

Three Things Meet in My Eyes, for choir and saxophone quartet; a setting of a text by the 13th century Jewish Andalusian poet, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, in a translation by Peter Cole. 2003. (Performed Grinnell UCC church, November, 2004.)

To the World’s Edgefor choir and brass quintet. Commissioned for the 160th anniversary of Grinnell United Church of Christ.  Text from Psalm 19.

Uri tsafon (Awake, O North Wind) for choir, violin, and piano. Earthsongs, 2003.

 The Wind Blew in the Cold Furrow, for choir and piano. (Choral version of a portion of “Into the Still Hollow”). Premiered by the Princeton Singers, June, 2004.

We Are Servants Of God, Oxford University Press, 2002.

Works for Women’s Choir

Poem of Light for SSAA choir, harp, and dumbek. earthsongs publishing, 2010. Premiered by the Rose Ensemble.  Girl Choir of South Florida Recording on

Opera/Musical Theatre Works

Das Rheingold (2014) Fifty-minute original operatic work for 8 singers, piano, cello, and electronic materials. Part of the government-sponsored “Revolutionizing The Ring” project in Taipei. Premiered by Riverbed Theatre, Craig Quintero, director, June, 2014.  Audio excerpts: Scene 1;Scene 2;  Scene 3; Scene 4; Trailer video

The First Time I Walked on The Moon (2017-18).  Concert-Length theatre piece by Craig Quintero, with music by John Rommereim.  Performed at the Taiwan International Festival of Arts and the Tainan Arts Festival in Taiwan, and at the BeSeTo Festival in Kwangju, South Korea in 2018.  View Trailer.

Solo Vocal Music

Into the Still Hollow for baritone and piano 12’. Text by W. S. Merwin. Completed July, 2004. Recording: Symphony Space NY performance by Thomas Meglioranza February 9, 2006.  recording excerpt

Elegy for a Walnut Tree for baritone and piano.  Text by W. S. Merwin.

For the Anniversary of My Death for baritone and piano.   Text by W. S. Merwin.

LND — a meditation on the Last Normal Day, for piano and voice with electronic effects.

The Gift for baritone and piano.

I Allow Myself to be Deceived for baritone, piano, and metronome.  Text by Albert Einstein.

Rings of Birchbark for baritone and piano. Text by A. R. Ammons.

These Heavy Sands are Language for soprano and string quartet.  Text from Ulysses by James Joyce.  Voce String Quartet with Rosie O’Brien, soprano.  YouTube version

Music for Larger Ensembles

Zhivago’s Lullabye, for string orchestra (arrangement of middle movement of string quartet) premiered April 2008, by the Iowa City Community String Orchestra, Carey Bostian, conductor

Chamber Music

 A Field Guide to Summer (2013) five piano miniatures to poetry by Dean Bakopoulos and artwork by Lee Running.

  1. Insomniac
  2. Heavy Crows
  3. The Things You Think You’ll Miss
  4. All the Years

Among the Living Three Movements for String Quartet

  1. All the Trees as One
  2. Mirrorous Waters
  3. Illimitable Distance

Cameron’s Fanfare (2015) for brass quintet

Gesangvoll — Variations on a Theme by Beethoven (2018) for oboe and organ

Jerusalem the Golden Variations for solo flute.

Meditation on “When in Our Music” for string trio. Commissioned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Brooklyn, New York.

Meditation on “Lauda Anima” for saxophone and organ.  Chorale prelude.  Version for organ solo.

Humanitas et Veritas (2015) for organ (a version of Cameron’s Fanfare)

Shifting Skies, for two solo alto flutes and flute ensemble.  Composed collaboratively with the flute duo Zawa! (Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber).  Premiered by Zawa! and Fresh Flutes, May, 2016.

Since This Was In Your Heart for brass quintet.  A prelude based on the “Engelberg” hymn tune.  Premiered at the Grinnell United Church of Christ at the 160th anniversary celebration. (Recording from church service Oct. 11, 2015)

Three Chorale Preludes for solo organ. Commissioned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Brooklyn, New York.

Snap for flute duo and electronics.  Permiered by the ZAWA flute duo, June, 2017

Stepping Out with Heraclitus for saxophone quartet. Completed January 2005 Premiered by the River Cities Saxophone Quartet, March, 2007.

Upon the Blue Guitar, three movements for solo guitar.  First movement premiered by Oren Fader of the New York-based Fireworks Ensemble at the Oregon Bach Festival, Eugene, Oregon, June 2005. Second movement premiered by Aaron Powell at Simpson College, October, 2005. Third Movement premiered by Zane Merrit, at Butler University, in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 30, 2008.

  1. Things as They Are
  2. A Tune Beyond Us
  3. The Day Was Green

 Weather Conversations (2014) electronic components of a composition written collaboratively with Claudia Anderson, recorded on the CD In This World, by Claudia Anderson.

Improvised Recordings

Amara.  John Rommereim, piano, Mark Laver, saxophone. Recorded February 22, 2015.  YouTube video

Out There.  John Rommereim, piano, Mark Laver, saxophone. Recorded November 8, 2015.

Prayer for Kunduz.  John Rommereim, piano, Mark Laver, saxophone.  Recorded November 8, 2015.  YouTube video

The Things You Think You’ll Miss.  John Rommereim, piano, Mark Laver, saxophone.  Recorded November 8, 2015.

Piano Diaries.  15 pieces for piano improvised in the summer of 2019

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